Mustang Soul is featured with the stunning footage of Wild Horse Photographer Mustang Meg Youtube Link

Equus Film Festival 2015 NYC - My Pony Took Me Flying, Mustang Soul, Wild Angel song videos
Horse News, October 2015 - Article about 'My Pony Took Me Flying' 

Press July 2015 - 'My Pony Took Me Flying' song/video featured on Thanks Nina!

News12NJ discussing America's wild horses

Wild Angel - New Song Video

'Wild Angel' looks at the horse throughout its history in America to its current plight with the BLM.  Inspired by Deanne Stillman's book 'Mustang - The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West'

'Wild Angel' was a Semi-Finalist with Song of the Year Contest 2014.
Thank you Song of the Year contest for recognizing my writing!
Wild Angel - Semi-finalist 2014
Your Smile - Semi-finalist 2011
Angel of the Fallen - Runner-up 2012
Christmas on a Star - Suggested Artist 2012
Strawberry Moon - Suggested Artist 2010

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