Mustang Soul is featured with the stunning footage of Wild Horse Photographer Mustang Meg Youtube Link

Wild Angel is featured with footage of Oregon's wild horses by Mustang Meg Youtube Link

Equus Film Festival 2015 NYC - My Pony Took Me Flying, Mustang Soul, Wild Angel song videos
Horse News, October 2015 - Article about 'My Pony Took Me Flying' 

Press July 2015 - 'My Pony Took Me Flying' song/video featured on Thanks Nina!

News12NJ discussing America's wild horses

Wild Angel - New Song Video

'Wild Angel' looks at the horse throughout its history in America to its current plight with the BLM.  Inspired by Deanne Stillman's book 'Mustang - The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West'

'Wild Angel' was a Semi-Finalist with Song of the Year Contest 2014.

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