Mustang Soul

Beautiful footage of Oregon's wild horses by wild horse photographer 'Mustang Meg' featuring 'Mustang Soul'.

Protect and preserve America's wild horses

Tell your members of Congress NO MORE WILD HORSE ROUNDUPS!  Focus on humane management. Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121

Wild Angel

'Wild Angel' looks at the horse throughout its history in America to its current plight with the BLM.  Inspired by Deanne Stillman's book 'Mustang - The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West'.  For more info. about America's wild horses and the efforts to humanely manage them please visit and American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

More footage of Oregon's Wild Horses

Mustang Soul is featured with the stunning footage of Wild Horse Photographer Mustang Meg Youtube Link

Wild Angel is featured with footage of Oregon's wild horses by Mustang Meg Youtube Link


Horse News, October 2015 - Article about 'My Pony Took Me Flying' 

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