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Learn more about Laura Leigh's ongoing fieldwork and court cases. 

Tell your members of Congress NO MORE WILD HORSE ROUNDUPS, support HUMANE MANAGEMENT of our wild horses. Congress switchboard:  202-224-3121

All song downloads benefit the humane management of America's wild horses.

Become a voice for America's wild horses.  Some non-profits to explore that support our wild horses.

Wild Horse Education is a small non-profit superpowered by Wild Horse Advocate Laura Leigh, she is hands on on the ground documenting inhumane helicopter roundups, and advocating for the humane management of America's wild horses.   Wild Horse Education

Support New Mexico's wild horses!  Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance  Their mission is to promote mustang ownership and to preserve their existence through leadership, humane treatment, education, and building partnerships.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is a large non-profit based in Washington DC:

Mustang Soul

Mustang Soul - I wrote this song after seeing for the first time video of the US government ‘Bureau of Land Management’ chasing wild horses with helicopters 'rounding them up'.   I had only recently discovered that we have wild horses in the United States. I wonder how we have become so out of touch with the soul of this country, as our government captures these wild horses and holds captive the very symbol of American freedom.

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Wild Angel