Client Feedback:
"Thanks again for doing a terrific job, as usual. Your voice, instrumental skills and song selection were perfect for the evening." - Art Charlton, Director, Warren County Department of Tourism and Public Affairs

"...a multi-talented artist with a richly captivating voice and fine instrumental skills"- Roger Deitz, Columnist SING OUT! Magazine

"You have one of those 'haunting' voices that play back inside of the heads of the audience long after the performance. Your concert was a very nice way to spend the afternoon." - Bob, Keyport, NJ

"I have been receiving e-mails from those at the party, praising the performance! One person told me she had tears in her eyes listening to Jennifer sing! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" - Clinton NJ

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Concert Review 2010:
Review from Show December 2010 Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club in NJ